Carmen Reig is a Valencian collage artist based in London.

Through her collages she expresses the relationships between people, their surroundings and their emotions. She likes to create double meanings so she often uses symbolism to express these themes. She enjoys mixing animals, fashion, nature landscapes, symbols, etc

All her collage art is created by the influences of her life background, her inspirations and subconscious. Anything can be a source of inspiration for her.

She likes to see how the images form and create meaning when she puts them together. Her purpose behind her collages is to give back a new life to these “forgotten” magazines and also to celebrate art in her personal way.

Her aim with her collage art is that you, the viewer, can make a connection on an emotional and personal level. Her art can celebrate special moments or feelings that you’ve experienced or simply make you think and smile. If you can make a connection, then she is happy to have reached you through her art.

Obras de 04. Carmen Reig

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