Human 101

Photography of the series Human

Date: 11/23/17 / Artist: 22. Bárbara Traver López de Ayala

Human 101
Human 101 Human 101



"Human" is a series composed of different individuals where the face is hidden by different elements. Each subject is close to my environment, so that each piece that covers its face represents them. The choice of each of the elements is based on the first impression the subjects generated in me.

With this series I show the prejudice we fabricate when we face the obvious, the criticism we create on insufficient grounds. We catalogue people we meet every day, we tag them and forget about the complexity of each individual. I intend to create restlessness, to make the viewer think about who is hiding behind the mask and make him dig more into the totally anonymous person. Prejudice marks us for life and we forget that in the end we are all human.


These photographs are produced in limited series as follows:

20X25 cm - series of 10. Ilford Smooth Pearl paper, 310 gr

31'5x51 cm - series of 3+2 artist copy. Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper , 308 gr 

120 €

  • 20 x 25 cm
  • 31'5 x 51 cm