Fragments X

This work belongs to the series: PROYECCIÓN / INTROYECCIÓN

Date: 12/13/16 / Artist: 14. Africa Paredes

Fragments X



For the artist this project is like a personal therapy. The way we are  compared to others, the way  they do things or the way they behave, specially when we are younger and more vulnerable, can have a big impact on our self esteem and make us feel insecure.

This is the basis of this project the artist started working on last year and in which she continues working on now

She creates atmospheres where she uses objects that do not allow us to see reality clearly. Plastics, mirror, crystals; they all help to build a barrier behind which we hide that person we really are and that is always fighting to come out 


20 x 30 cm.  Series of 30 

30 x 40 cm.  Series of 20 

168,00 €

  • Small
  • 30 x 40 cm