Brushstrokes on a background of ‘Mortadelo’

Date: 10/17/16 / Artist: 27. Susana F

Pinceladas con mortadelo al fondon



In Susana F’s most recent works we find influences of the New American Abstraction in the use of strokes, textures, raging colours fighting with vertical and horizontal straight lines, resulting in pure abstraction. This is a cheerful and vibrant composition; welcoming, carefully produced but not exempt from the irony that has defined all of Susana F’s work

Mortadelo is a character in Mortadelo and Filemon, one of the most popular Spanish comics series, drawn by Francisco Ibáñez and published in more than a dozen countries


Oil on canvas


100x80 cm


This picture does not have a stretcher frame. It can also be bought pressed on foamboard and framed

610 €

  • Unframed
  • Framed