Encintando 01

Date: 09/03/16 / Artist: 15. Uriel Seguí

Encintando 01



The author explains the process followed for these series of paintings:

I have written on the canvas and stained or drawn using pencils or black or coloured markers. I have then created collages using pictures and have dragged acrylic paint of different colours with a palette knife. This has generated different shapes and textures.

Next I have spread the same paint with a roller I have covered parts I found interesting with masking tape of different widths and lengths and continue working on the uncovered areas.

When most of the area was covered I have applied white acrylic paint and oils of different colours to the remaining areas and I have spread the oil with a cloth to partially remove it.

Finally I have proceeded to take the tape off to surprisingly see the painting for the first time

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91x73 cm

2 934 €