Series Encintando desapariciones by Uriel Segui

Series Encintando desapariciones by Uriel Segui

The artist describes the process followed to create the paintings of the series  'Desapariciones: Cuadros Encintados'

I write, stain or draw on the canvas using pencils or black or coloured markers. I then create collages using pictures from different origins. I then drag acrylic paint of different colours with a palette knife. This generates different shapes and textures.
Then I spread the same paint with a roller; sometimes just one colour and other times mixing different colours. And I apply acrylic and oil paint with brushes of different widths, lengths and shapes.
Once I have covered most of the surface of the canvas with a lot of these actions I proceed to cover parts that I feel, or find interesting, with masking tape of different widths and lengths. By covering them I keep them intact and protect them.
Once I have covered some areas of the canvas I continue working on the remaining areas. I continue painting as I did previously until I feel I can cover new areas with the masking tape.
When there is not much area left uncovered by the masking tape I then brush white acrylic paint over the remaining space with different textures. I also use oils of different colours with a hard brush and then I spread the oil with a cloth to partially remove it. This way the oil is introduced into the slots making them darker while the most raised parts remain lighter. This produces a feeling of wearing or ageing on these parts.
This is the last action I do on the canvas since this way I have covered all the surfaces. Once I have completed the process I proceed to take the masking tape off which is going to allow me to see, for the first time, and surprisingly, the full picture.
This is a way of painting where overlapping actions cover the canvas as I go along. This makes me forget what I have already done until I uncover the hidden areas. It is then when I see them all together for the first time.
In some paintings i have left some masking tapes on the canvas. This way whoever buys it can uncover it by themselves and discover the painting for the first time. Some other times I have left all the masking tape that covers the most interesting intermediate states of the painting uncovered, to see what happens…

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