A collage of drawings is the new solo exhibition by Spanish artist Uriel Segui

A collage of drawings is the new solo exhibition by Spanish artist Uriel Segui
Luna13 Galeria is proud to present a solo exhibition of amazing drawings by the great Spanish artist Uriel Segui in collaboration with Spanish House LondonLondon.
Luna13 Galeria will present the exhibition “A Collage of drawings” that shows a fantastic collection of Uriel Segui’s drawings. The opening will take place at the headquarters of Spanish House London in Clapham North Art Center (26-32, Voltaire road) on Friday 16th of March from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The exhibition will be opened to the public until the 29th of April and can be visited by appointment only.
Uriel Segui is a Doctor in Architecture, University Professor, artist, tireless creator and above all a person with a great passion for life. Born in Madrid in 1969, his very large artistic creation covers different techniques ranging from painting on canvas, on wood, on wall to installations and drawings and has been exhibited in galleries around the world like The 8th Floor Gallery in New York, the Circle Of Fine Arts in Madrid, or at international art fairs such as ARCO in Madrid or the Biennials Of Istanbul, Venice and Florence to name a few.
Uriel defines himself as an obsessive and disinterested drawer who cannot go long without drawing. "The art of drawing is a disease I could not live without" and confesses that this vice makes him lose interest in other plans just so they do not interfere with his tireless need to draw.
When he talks about drawing he uses the word articulate, “since the drawings start taking shape as I go along superimposing strokes, as I go creating them”. “Although it is the right hand that articulates the footprints, the sinister is the true promoter and responsible for the vice. It is the left hand the one that, by not working actively, is allowed the luxury of thinking, of holding the vice, of supporting it, of fixing the sheet or the rule in a firm way, so that the other hand can dance without stopping”.
In this show we present a total of 54 amazing abstract drawings, 49 belong to 9 different series and there are 5 individual drawings. The drawings in the series are all of the same size, made at different times, with different techniques and materials that form a large collage of drawings. According to Uriel Segui "This is a didactic exhibition, composed with drawings made with different drawing processes and with different starting points. They have been combined into a large collage of drawings from different backgrounds which have started to communicate with other drawings and other processes. In this way they have become part of a work that always exceeds any of the individual drawings that compose it".
The drawings in each of the series are all produced in different ways. In one of the series, for example, the drawings are made of other drawings, like these two below:

dibujo de 35

Drawing composed of 35 drawings
dibujo de 9
Drawing composed of 9 drawings
In another series the drawings overlap color strokes. The artist applies colors to the paper and then uses those colors as a guide on which he draws the strokes that will create the final drawing.

drawing on color spots

We will also be able to see drawings from the series Protosection. Drawing buildings is a specific and regulated way of organizing a drawing and articulating the strokes on the paper. There's a drawing from the outside, the outside of the building, what we can see. And there is a drawing from within, the interior, the atmosphere wrapped inside the building, which is impossible to see. This drawing of the inside is represented simulating different sections of the building. This way of drawing the interior is related to what is impossible to see or touch, with the invisible, the transparent and untouchable, the intangible and volatile, the Air.

protosection drawing

On this catalogue you can see the works exhibited with prices and sizes
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