The World of Illustration

The World of Illustration
Luna13 Galeria will present the exhibition “The world of illustration”. This collective exhibition showcases the works of 8 great illustrators. This exhibition will be held on the sixth floor of the Techhub office in Moorgate (20 Ropemaker street) from Wednesday 5th of December.
The exhibiting artists - mostly women - lead us into their particular worlds through their illustrations.  Alba Blázquez, Alejandra Ramos, Ana Soler, Araceli Garcia, Cristina Fernandez, Daniela Ardanaz, Mar Blanco y Pau Sanz i Vila come from very different places of the Spanish geography and beyond: Madrid, Vigo, Alicante, Valencia or Buenos Aires.
On this exhibition traditional painting techniques and brushes are mixed with graphic design and new technologies.  Acrylic, ink, collage and watercolour are the techniques chosen by the artists to bring us into a world that pretends to tell beyond the text that accompanies them, beyond the purely decorative image. Special mention deserves the work of Pau for having achieved a personal style based on predominant and exclusive use of three unique colours (pink, blue and yellow) and mainly focused on pop art and the use of pencils, inks and acrylics.
Like our artists the protagonists of their scenes tend to be women. Some have intense eyes and a hint of melancholy, which may or may not be people of our time. Others are linked to the seasons, where nature is expressed through these female faces. Others have a surreal and macabre touch reminiscent of Hitchcock and Dali. We can also see works inspired by the design and illustration of the 1970s and others with a strong Japanese style. Six women imbued in their zen world take us to that distant and ancient culture.
The exhibition will be opened to the public until February 28. Entrance is free by appointment only. Book your visit on [email protected] or call us on 07909667097.
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