Collage and more Collage

Collage and more Collage
Luna13 Galería continues with the season of collage and presents this time the exhibition “Collage and more Collage”.  On this collective exhibition you will be able to see the works of 4 great collage artists. From October, 19 to November, 16 on the 6th floor of the Techhub office on 20 Ropemaker Street, Moorgate, London.

cartel expo collage 2

The artists Fernando Gonzalez (@nenedaconte), Lucia Berra (@lucia_berra) , Maria Elisa Quiaro ( y Evangelina Esparza (@evangelinaesparza) come from Madrid, Venezuela and Argentina and, as on the previous exhibition, they all work the analogue collage technique.  Fashion and cinema magazines, books, encyclopaedias from the last century, old photographs or museum leaflets are the materials they use to give a new meaning to images that were not destined to be together.
Different techniques are represented on this exhibition: geometric collage, vintage collage, minimalist collage (only one or two images are used to create a new one and give it a new meaning) 3D collage and the Décollage. Décollage is a technique where various layers are stuck on top of each other to then be torn from the main image. It is great to see how new images and colours start appearing from the deepest layers and how everything takes shape…it is like a game!
Decollage by Lucia Berra
The strength of women, the passage of time, love (heterosexual and homosexual), nature or innocence are recurring themes in their works and reflect on the meaning of life with its metaphorical complexities and contradictions where the impossible is no more.
Collage by Fernando Gonzalez that represents innocence using the figure of the child – and fantasy – using classics like “Alice in Wonderland” like in this instance
Collage from the series Bird-clan by Maria Elisa Quiaro where she reflects on the contradictions of life
The exhibition can be visited by appointment only. Arrange a visit by writing to [email protected] or calling us on 07909667097. We will be giving away a 40 euros voucher among the attendees redeemable against the purchase of any of the works of this exhibition.
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