Nacho is a master of analogue photography

Nacho is a master of analogue photography

Nacho Rivera and the city of London

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Nacho Rivera, (Madrid, 1977) is a documentary photographer based in London. In his photographic projects he explores topics such as travel, the individual, globalization or religion. He always looks for common points that question the differences between cultures and societies, trying to promote empathy and respect for those who are not equal to us. He specializes in artistic portrait and analogue photography, takes commissions for music groups, actors or modelling work and currently runs workshops of creative photography in London.
In this exhibition he presents the project "Domine dirige nos". Domine dirige nos is a photo essay that relates, in a metaphorical way, the interaction between the two powers that have governed the destiny of the world over the last two thousand years: religion and money through urban landscapes of the city of London.
The City of London gained its administrative independence in 886 AD. Since then, within its walls, many of the biggest fortunes of the world have been amassed and managed.  From Monday to Friday thousands of executives run and shout in pursue of generating wealth within large companies and banks, oblivious - or not - to the reality outside the square mile.
But the city of London becomes an orphan when the bells of the churches toll on Sunday and it is then just a desert of glass, concrete and steel. It is in this absence of human activity when he is interested in taking his photographs.  Interestingly, the motto of the city in Roman times was "domine dirige nos", which is Latin for "Lord, guide us".
This leads him to ask himself a question: will it be the "Lord" who inspires the decisions taken in the city of London?
Here you leave some of the photographs of this series. You can see them live at our open house on June 22 at 6:30 pm

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