Julia Eme and her photographs of abandoned spaces

Julia Eme and her photographs of abandoned spaces

Julia Eme presents her photographs of abandoned spaces

Julia is a young artist born in Madrid in 1989. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and was finalist at this university’s XVI Young Visual Arts Prize in 2014.
Julia works different genres: drawing, painting, sculpture or photography. She works in visual arts to think and transmit ideas with an open language, yet full of intention. Her train of thought and emotions occur in images. On her work she tries to capture those images using different techniques. Most of her work questions established ideas concerning the city, power in the private as well as public spheres and the fragility of this barrier.
The photographs we present at this exhibition belong to two series and have been taken in an industrial cemetery in Stuttgart and an abandoned building in Granada. They are places full of silence and oblivion. The artist feels attracted to what is discarded, negated or forgotten and reflects on our social actions, gentrification, planned obsolescence and the future of a global world.
Photographs of the series Industrial Cementery

cementerio industrial 1

cementerio industrial 2

Photographs of the series Yesterday homes

yesterday homes 2yesterday homes 1

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