Fernando González (Madrid, 1993) is a student teacher who started in the world of collage by pure chance in 2016. An old "Very interesting" magazine is the cause of him being here today. His work is totally analogue, because according to his words "there is a more direct and visual contact between the elements that make up a collage and my person, building bridges between my world and a blank space I have to shape"

All his works have a white background. This color gives harmony to all his works and it also makes the spectator concentrate on those elements that are hidden. Green is another recurring color in his work. Apart from being the color he identifies with the most it conveys tranquility and security in equal measures.

When making a collage he first chooses the character or characters that will be the main axis of the work. Some collages are then created by chance and others are carefully planned. Both models present different challenges. The planned ones have some very specific elements that sometimes it takes a long time to find. In those that are created by chance one must find the elements that fit perfectly with the character "and that is often complicated."

He extracts his images from old or contemporary magazines, universal encyclopedias from the last century, old photographs or museum leaflets.  The themes that keep repeating on his works are the woman, love (heterosexual and homosexual), nature, the Innocence (represented by the figure of the child), and fantasy (versioning classics like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan or Little Red Riding Hood).

Works by 03. Fernando Gonzalez

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items