Agustín García-Espina Martínez was born in Ribadeo, Galicia in 1959.  He graduated in Applied Arts (major in drawing) in Oviedo.  He has worked as a graphic designer, Illustrator and art director at various companies as the Grupo-Barro, Comunicate, Studio-2 or Maas


-Sarmiento Award to the artistic career in 2012.            

 -International Award Cristina Faleroni to the Excellence for quality and content on the site «AGUSTÍN ESPINA».

- 2nd International Award of Visual Arts of the Cultural Association "Valentín Ruiz Aznar" in 2004. 

- 2nd Prize I International Competition of Visual Arts "Aires de Córdoba" Paint Category: "Minotauro" 

- 2nd Prize II International Competition of Visual Arts "Aires de Córdoba" Drawing Category: "Luz de Tiniebla" 


- Fourteen illustrations for the Hispanist Edward Robert Gurney

-Selected by the label «Lunwerg» of Planeta Publishing House for the book Spanish illustrators directed and coordinated by the journalist Mario Suárez.

-Editor, director, illustrator and screenwriter of the publication La Viñetera

-Artists director of the magazine ALKAID.

-Illustrations and design of the book Lo que cuentan las sombras by Francisco Segovia Ramos

-Illustrations for the book Purpura by Gigia Talaríco.

-Illustrations for posters of different events and campaigns by the Junta de Junta de Castilla y León and Diputación de Valladolid.


-International Exhibition Dolmen de Dalí (Madrid 2008).

-Exhibition Nela Alberca (Madrid).

-Exhibition: Independent Art Fair of Madrid (FAIM) 2004.

-Jadite Gallery’s Group Exhibition. New York. 

-Museum of Miami Group Exhibition. ART AND POETRY. 

Works by 07. Agustin Garcia-Espina

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items