Arianne Cristiel (Caracas, 1987) is a Spanish-Venezuelan artist from Ourense descent. She works the analogue collage from a "romantic" point of view, since she does not use any computer technology to create his works, which explore mostly the  "free association concept". 

Her work consists of a comprehensive compilation of some previously defined material. Cut outs from magazines or very old books are mixed in with more recent objects and papers:

"I find the selection process of these publications totally amazing since I normally have to travel several kilometres to find my stuff... and as one of my passions is travelling, doing a trip from another trip is fantastic, a unique experience. When I have all the material that I am going to work from I always try to give life back to the oldest photo or most surreal image. Then I take out all the fantasy I have inside me. Sometimes I know what I want but most of the times it is a random process and it is the collage that finally surprises me once it is finished.

I work with plants a lot because the mere fact of cropping them brings me peace. There are many nooks and crannies I have to take the cutter knife through before the trimming is definitely extracted and in general, plants give me a sense of familiarity and protection. They remind me of Galicia.

The female theme is another one of my recurring subjects. It is something I will never cease to explore because, actually, I am a female. My women are their own heroines. My women dream, live, cry and imagine they live in a pastel pink colour world where everything they try can become a reality. "



Works by 06. Arianne Cristiel

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