Verónica Gran (Alicante 1973) is graduated in Sociology specializing in Marketing and Advertising. She started in the art world through photography and studied photojournalism in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2008).

After a long career in the world of photography and after a sabbatical year in Australia and Southeast Asia in 2015, she realises that photography falls short to express what she wants and begins to draw. It is at the beginning of 2018 when eager to continue exploring and expressing when she decides to start exploring the world of collage.

Her work until today revolves around the exploration of three concepts that are very important to her: the human being, nature and being.  It is an investigation of what always remains through the impermanent. It is an understanding that there is no absence in the presence, that the non-shape is also a shape.

The technique of collage allows her to investigate all these topics very well because through images that already exist (forms, essences) she can create new ones. This is what really fascinates her, the creation of new forms on the basis of material that already exists, that has already been created previously by others. It is a technique that makes her feel very free, very deep and satisfied. It is like working in collaboration with others without exactly doing so.

At first, and because of her photography background, she found it difficult to modify photos taken by other photographers. But little by little she found the way to work with all these material without feeling any kind of interference in the work of others. This has made her evolve in the way she treats the images.

The aim of her work is not other than the of the self-exploration and the expression of what she IS, but if she was to talk about some other goal outside her it would be to share her energy with the world.

Works by 05. Veronica Gran

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