He was born in Alicante, Spain, in 1953. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Valencia and Madrid and also studied print making and Theory of colour at the Kunstschulle in Stuttgart, Germany. He has also studied infography and treatment of digital images at CAMON in Alicante.

He is the founder of the ‘Colectivo Mediterraneo’ and organises international meetings of Mediterranean artist.

His most recent works combine digital with traditional techniques like oil or acrylic painting, opening a great number of possibilities.

His works have been exhibited in more than 80 exhibitions in Spain and internationally like USA, Portugal, France, Germany, Holland and Morocco.


2018 Studio Lisboa 018, Palacio de Congresos de Lisboa

2017 Tribute to Miguel Hernandez

           Sala Municipal La Lonja de Alicante

           MUCBE de _Benicarló. Museo de Benicarló

           Sala el CUBO del Museo Universidad de  Alicante

           Llotja de Sant Jordi d´Alcoi

2017 For Freedom

           Ateneo de Alicante

           Fundación Miguel Hernández Orihuela

2016 Rithms, Colorida Art Gallery. Lisboa

        Nature elixir , Agora Gallery, Chelsea Nueva York

        II Encuentro Internacional de Arte Sala Prado. Madrid

2015 Solidary artists, Sala Municipal la Lonja de Alicante

        I Encuentro Internacional de Artistas Mediterráneos, Sala Municipal Quijano de Alicante

Works by 10. Javier Pastor

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items