Born in San Sebastian, Spain 1950. Trained in Graphic Design, Typography, Architectural Drawing and Photography. He studies Corporate Imaging and Graphic Design applied to Architecture, signposting, Branding, Illustration, video, film and High Definition printing in Liverpool and London.

He then works as a Graphic Designer and Art director in Spain, France and Venezuela. He Later founded his own Design Studio offering specialized graphic services, winning many prices and honorable mentions In Caracas, Sao Paulo and Chicago, currently is a Member of several international Design Associations.

Since 2008 he develops an interest in painting, creating surreal paintings using different techniques to later switch to abstract painting in large formats. Merging all his knowledge in Graphic Arts he moves on to digital Art. His work can be seen in Madrid, Barcelona, Saint Sebastian, Alicante, Liege, Brussels, Paris, San Diego, Miami, New York and Sidney.


2008 “Surrealism”. Portals Gallery. Chicago.

2009 Art Miami. Zazzing Gallery. Miami.

2010 Galería Dimaca “Retratos Imaginarios”. Caracas. Venezuela.

2011 Feria de Arte Guataparo Country Club. Valencia. Venezuela.

2012 “Nuevos Tiempos”. Galería 3. Caracas. Venezuela.

2013 “Colectiva” Galería Dimaca. Caracas. Venezuela. IX Subasta Exposición Fundana. Caracas. Venezuela.

2014 Habana Art Galería. Barcelona. España.

2015 Galería Sepia. Caracas. Venezuela. Exhibition Habana Art Galería. Barcelona. España

2016 Kakoomo Arte. Caracas. Venezuela. Galería Dimaca. Caracas. Venezuela.



ARTBAHO Barcelona 


Galería de Arte ARAGÓN 232. Barcelona    

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items