Eduardo de Elio Oliveros is a young artist from Madrid, born in 1994. Graduated in interior design is currently studying fine arts at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid.

Eduardo passion for painting began to manifest already since childhood and with seven years outlined most common figures of its surroundings, filling sheets with flowers, unusual places, muses and insects.

At age twelve years he began to attend a painting Academy. The uniqueness of his stroke, his creativity and imagination got you the go-ahead from their mentors, who capturing him as a young art motivated him to go ahead with their aspirations.

He studied the artistic high school that served him to know himself better, discover their style and their sources of inspiration. One of his most recurrent themes is the preference for the female figure. With uniqueness highlights the faces, completely out of his imagination, which constitute real ponds drowning feelings, sometimes impassive, mysterious, languid and sad.

One of the most used techniques is the ink on paper, which have become interesting portraits; the watercolor was also a very successful means of expression in his work. The mix of processes and the constant experimentation leads to the versatility of its establishment, although it seems to have a definite face, sometimes surprising and is unknown.

Works by 23. Eduardo de Elio

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items