«An artist is a person who produces things that people don't need, but - for some reason - thinks that it is OK to provide them to others»

Born in Ciudad Real in September  11, 1966, he studied in the School of Arts and crafts in Madrid and specialized in industrial design techniques .

Juan de Dios is considered a designer of images, vocational and self-taught artist. His main themes are the exploration of perception, organization of visual elements, abstraction, ways of commercial reproduction and, in general, themes of popular culture.

In his work we can find images of the PopArt universe. He produces transgressive images and approaches graphic experimentation opening up to other graphic disciplines.

In his works we find continuous references to many movie stars of the 60s and in particular to his great Diva Marilyn Monroe. Especially decisive in his career is also Woman in Red  for being the first painting where he uses the style that would become his hallmark: figures well delineated and the use of Ben-day points.

Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are his main references and has participated in various exhibitions, seminars and art conferences.  All his work designs have been made on the underground where he finds his inspiration, and all the titles of his works are taken from song titles.

In all his series from year 2000 he has taken inspiration from everyday objects, characters and comics by other authors. He uses images printed in different media which are them manipulated to create works with different  technical qualities that produce a very expressive language. A richness of tones and textures are combined  with the qualities of the ink, worked with various instruments, to build new realities that display unknown horizons.

In the year 2005 he started to experiment with new textures and produced a series of small format sculptures. Every  image is recyclable, anything is liable to become art and its real purpose was to offer a new interpretation of the image in contemporary culture.




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