"My creative process is a game and it sometimes comes in a very casual way"

Patricia Cruz Grill (1985) also known as Lapatry Cruz, is a collage artist born and resident in Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real. She finished her diploma in interior design in 2011 and then turned to the world of illustration and recently to digital collage. He has exhibited - individually and collectively - in Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Barcelona.

She uses social networks as Pinterest as source of images. She looks for photographs of the 20th century, medical illustrations or any other specific subject. She then uses photoshop to produce the collage, following the same aesthetic prinicples as for an analogic one. There is a balance in color, a sort of line that holds the collage together.

She likes to use dark and grotesque images (such as old medical illustrations) which she then transforms to give them a more pop or “romantic” aesthetic, using pastel colours, flowers or geometric patterns.

Some of her collages follow an initial idea/history, while others have merely an aesthetic purpose. Among the first ones, which are the ones she produces more quickly, she talks about the Spanish Civil War, about Francesco Clemente, about feminism or personal experiences like in CHALLEGER1986, "a collage inspired by the trauma of my friend David who, when still a child, watched  the explosion of the Challenger rocket on TV". Those with a merely aesthetic purpose are the most complicated to produce due to the absence of a driving idea.

In the near future she would like to take part in a publishing project. In the meantime, she is producing several exhibitions, which are  taking more of her time.


"COLLAGE" and"portrait", June 2017. La Misa de 8:00. Madrid

"DARK + COLLAGE", January 2017.
The threshold of spring. Madrid

"DARK", September 2016. The goat on the roof. Madrid

"DARK", June 2016. León Dominguez & Cia. Manzanares. (Ciudad Real)

ITINERANT", October 2015. IES "Ramón Giraldo, Villanueva de los Infantes.
(Ciudad Real)

"WINDOW SHOP LOOKING FOR ARTIST", February 2014. Brico+Bellas artes, Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real).

"3O SOMETHING WAYS OF WASTING MY TIME WITH DIGNITY", Museo Casa Quevedo. Torre de Juan Abad, Ciudad Real. September 2012


"FIVE SENSES", confidence, Casa de la Cultura. Valdepeñas, November 2014. (Exhibition of emerging artists from Valdepeñas)

"COLLECTIVE BAMBITO & MERIMALISMO", Julia Salas. Sevilla, November 2013

"5 SENSES", La Confianza, Casa de la Cultura. Valdepeñas, October 2013. (Exhibition of emerging artists from Valdepeñas)

"WITHOUT APPARENT SENSE", the Salita, creative space. Valencia, may 2013. (Exhibition dedicated to the art of illustration)

"TATTOO THE GIRL", "Mutual" Art Center. Barcelona, November 2012 (www.tattothegirl.com) With Pau Bonet, Conrad Roset, Andreu Buenafuente, Guim Tió Zarraluki...

"HUMOR IN QUEVEDO", Casa de Don Fernando, the Torre de Juan Abad, Ciudad Real... September 2012. (Permanentl exhibition with Ibáñez, Mingote, Forges...)

"LALATA", Revista-Objeto, from 2004 to the present. (www.lalata.es)




Works by 19. Lapatry Cruz

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