This artist started developing his artistic talent on the urban art scene in 2009, filling with drawings the walls of his and other cities. He then continued to explore art and discover all kinds of existing techniques and styles.

He is born in  Baeza (Jaén), a small city in Andalucia and studies art at the High School in his home town. He later moves to Cuenca where he continues exploring the art world. He is currently studing Fine Arts at the University of Cuenca in Castilla la Macncha.

Javier is an artist that works a great varity of artistic techniques: graffiti, oil painting, acryllic, prints, serigraphy and even sculpture.

He has had national and international exhibitions in cities like Madrid, Jaén, Cuenca, Barcelona, Netherlands, Mexico and Cracow.

Works by 17. Javier Aldarias

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items