My name is Ana Becerra and I come from Malaga. Since I was a small child I spent hours looking at my grandmother’s photo albums during those boring summer afternoons. I spent hours organizing the pictures by genres, sizes or any other thing that would help me find more details in them. It was then when I discovered the difference between the technique of a studio shot and the one that captures everyday life. I wanted to mix both: technique and communication

I grew up in a large house in the old part of my citiy. I had a feeling of ambiguity about that house that was grand, full of different colours and textures on the walls but also dismal. Influenced by these two pilars and based on my own experiences in life, I like using images to deal with worlds or feelings parallel to me  

I like suggesting, mystery, churches, romantic colours, darkness, beauty, ephemeral things, visual language, the importance of unique images. My moto is #noartwithoutmystery


Image and sound course (Málaga)

Graphic Design (Almería)

Advanced course in digital photography l (Málaga)

Lighting course (Escuela Apertura)

Fashion course (Escuela Apertura)

Creative course Rosie Hardi (Madrid)


Photography studio (Sebastián Cepeda, el ejido)

Graphic designer and teacher at the school  Entrelenguas (Ronda)

Frelance since September 2014



2015 Chapter one, photofestival of Mijas, ayuntamiento de Mijas and  Galería in Estepona

2016 Seresquenutren, noche en blanco Ronda, Patio de vecinas Almeria

2016 -2017 Photogenic, Barcelona,  Benalmadena  and Alemania (Achen) 

Organizer of the first meeting of creative photographers in Ronda 

Organizer of the first meeting of creative photographers n Madrid

2015 Finalist in competion apertura

2016 Finalist en festival photoalicante 

2016 Finalist in competition nuevo cine andaluz in Casares


11 publications in  WORBZ  (online plataform for internacional creative photographers)

1 photo published in MOOT (online art magazine)

4 photos published in Vogue Italy

Article about my work on in FLOTANTE MAG (mexican magazine)

Publication in másmúsicamenosbalas (nationwide cultural magazine)

Publication in notanotherfashiónblog as one of the 75 most relevant photographers in Spain

Works by 28. Ana Becerra

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items