Photography for me is a kind of therpay. A sofa where i can expose in a very public way my anxieties, longings, frustrations, emotions, obsessions...Always searching for a photographic aesthetic.

It is a way of escapism, a need to express what I find unsettling or simply things that happen to me.

I was born in Madrid in 1978. I have a degree in Fine Arts, conservation and restoration specialty, from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. After I left university I worked in the restoration of different types of works of art, mainly mural paintings of court masters and mainly owned by the National Heritage.

However, after university, where I had the opportunity to learn from great masters of photography and where I could enjoy working in the laboratory, I fell in love with this art. Since then I have been developing my artistic concerns through it, mixing it with my work as a photographer in other fields and taking part in different exhibitions.  


2012.   MUSEO DE LAS ARTES Y TRADICIONES POPULARES. Dentro de la exposición organizada por la Asociación de Comerciantes Nuevo Rastro Madrid (1er Concurso Fotográfico).

2013.   ACTÚA MADRID, Cadena Ser. Madrid.


2014.   ARTE Y UN CAFÉ. Exposición en la sala El Sol De York. WHITE WALL

2014.   P2P. Prácticas contemporáneas en la fotografía española.


2015.   “CUERPO Y PODER”. Celebrado en el Pasaje de  Fuencarral 77 (Madrid). 

2015.   "GARBO, DIETRICH... Y KATHARINE HEPBURN" en El Foro de Pozuelo.

2016.   Feria de Arte “FOMENTARTE”.

2016.   Participación en la 1ª Muestra Experimental “VILLALART” (Villalar de los Comuneros)

2016.   Participación en la exposición “Confidencias Mudas. Arte Postal”.

2016.   Libro Libre. I Edición.

2016.   “VIDAS TRANS Y 100 ARTISTAS”. (Casa de Vacas, Madrid).


2016.   Exposición de la serie: “THE CONCERT. IN THE CROWD... IN YOUR FACE” en Diskpol (Madrid). 

Works by 14. Africa Paredes

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items