For me painting is not a hobby. It is a need, a drive with no commercial imperative.

Susana is born in Leon in 1970. She graduated in Fine Arts (Painting) from the University of Salamanca in 1993. Since 1994 she has shared her time between her job as an arts teacher and her artistic and music creations. She currently lives in Bilbao.

Susana F’s output is small but incredibly varied, and her works are now included in numerous important art collections. Her early work was included in various publications during the 90’s, when the artist first developed her artistic career.  According to critic J. Hernando Carrasco, Susana F’s pictorial style can be classified as ‘NeoPop’ and belongs to a group of Spanish and European artists whose work references Abstract Expressionism, pop and literature.

For Susana painting is not a hobby. It is a need, a drive with no commercial imperative. Her previous work reveals a more expressionistic style, in which she followed her feelings, her intuition. Later she became more structural and abandoned references to mass culture to dig into the composition of organic rhythms, in contradiction with the pictorial plane. Now she is experimenting with different linear rhythms, searching for balance in verticality using lines, vibrant strokes and right angles. “I look back with nostalgia, introducing chromatic ranges used in the backgrounds of comics by drawer Ibáñez, as well as some graphic element from his comics”.

Solo Exhibitions

2015:  Factory 240, Bilbao, Spain
2002: Hikateneo Foundation, Vitoria and Bilbao, Spain
2000: Cultural Centre of Cangas de Onís, Asturias, Spain
1999: Galería P.S. Burgos, Spain
1998: Galería Evelio Gayubo, Valladolid, Spain

1997: Gallery Por amor al arte, Oporto, Portugal
1995: Gallery Yerba, Produced by Grupo Mestizo, Murcia, Spain
1993: Convocatoria ‘Transit-Art’ (Galería Tráfico de Arte),  Pub Berlin, León, Spain
1992: Exhibition at the Public Library, Leon, Spain
1992: Exhibition at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain

Group Shows

2007: ‘Accident’, Hystory centre, Zaragoza, Spain
2001: ‘Opposing looks’, Museum of León, Spain
2000: Women collective, Butcher’s house, Cajaespaña foundation, León, Spain
1997: Maia Biennale, Oporto, Portugal
1996: Teachers artists, Calatayud, Spain
1996: ‘Full stop’, Sala Cruce, Madrid, Spain
1996: ‘About a sock’, Galería Odeón, Zaragoza, Spain
1995: ‘Full stop’, Sala Provincia, Diputación de León, Spain
1995: ‘The sun in your heart’, Exhibition centre FEVESA, Salamanca, Spain.
1994:  IV biennale of surveyor’s association of León, Spain.  ‘Nothing to do with’, Galería Tráfico de Arte, León, Spain. ‘Itinerant’, sala CajaEspaña foundation, Ponferrada, Spain
1992: Trío Norton. Sala de la Columna.
University of Salamanca.


1997 &1998: “Adquisición” Prize in the plastic art contest of Junta de Castilla y León, Spain
1997: Selected by Junta de Castilla y León for the Maia Biennale, Oporto, Portugal
1991,1992 ,1994,1995,1997 and 1998: Selected for the painting competitions of  junta de Castilla y Leon. Finalist in the XXI painting competition of  CajaESpaña foundation, Spain

2001: Second prize, Young artist competition. Diputación de León, Spain.
2001: Third prize in open air painting competition. San Justo de la Vega. León, Spain

Works by 27. Susana F

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items