“Capturing an expression, a gesture, an attitude…a moment. Strokes of graphite that record emotions”

“I understand drawing as a form of representation and exploration of reality, but mainly as a method of observation. The pencil becomes a way to disconnect that allows me to slow the moment, even life in general, turning it into a sense of enjoyment”

Isabel was born in León in 1982. She graduated in Fine Arts (Drawing) at Salamanca University in 2007. Since then she has developed her artistic knowledge and training. She moved to Madrid in 2010 where she currently lives and works. She attemtps to communicate and transmit her artistic sensibilities in both her work and her teaching.


'Freaks', La Bodega del Águila, Madrid, November 2015

La Misa Mail Art Project. misamailart.weebly.com. 2014

'Octopus and others creatures', Estand, La Bañeza, León

ArtAeroRap Festival 2014

'Freaks', La misa de 8:00, Madrid, November 2013

Works by 25. Isabel Alonso

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items