Painting comes from the need of the artist to turn off his mind. It is “here” and “now”. Continuously present

Javier is born in Madrid in 18 March 1982 to a Spanish mother and Polish father. From a very early age he was drawn towards art and architecture. He studied at the French Lycee of Madrid where he developed a critical mind, intrinsic to the society that surrounds him in his life journey, as well as a strong sense of self. He later graduated in architecture, and now combines this passion with his love of art. He defines himself as “sceptical to the core”.

Solo Exhibitions

'Samyak-samhadi: contemplación completa', Café sin nombre, Madrid, January 2014
'La comunidad dibujante', series de " 20 x collagens". Uriel Seguí studio, Madrid, October 2014
'La itiner(r)ante dualidades': 
Antiguo Pkmñ, Madrid
La ventana de la cebada, Madrid
Mosca Galery, Madrid, October-December 2015
La misa de 8, Madrid, April 2016
La ventana de Chamberí, Madrid, May 2016

Works by 14. Javier Krzyżaniak

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items